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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius Hermicus View Post
    If you could pick to eliminate two of the Ravnica guilds, which would you pick (assuming you want the city to function as well as possible)?

    I honestly think that the easiest to eliminate are Gruul, Selesnya, and Dimir. Gruul serves very little purpose in the plane, except maybe to prevent the guilds from becoming complacent (and they did that anyway). Selesnya is just a cult: if they were eliminated, the plane would lose some of its national parks... and basically nothing else. Almost nobody knows Dimir exists: if they were gone, most people's lives would continue exactly as they were before.

    Compare that to the loss of Azorius or Boros (no government or law), Orzhov (no money), Rakdos (no freedom of speech), and Izzet or Simic (no technology), and I think there is a good case to be made for eliminating those three guilds.
    Iíd pick Rakdos and Gruulóboth are very disruptive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dienekes View Post
    Please do not make life choices based on anything I say. Ever.

    That said. I can totally see the BGU scientist doing incredibly informative but still self-aggrandizing nature shows. And itís hilarious.
    Steve Irwin was RUG, but Iím basically picturing him except constantly plugging his merchandise throughout the show, doing science on screen, and regularly publishing research on the side.

    As for my results simplifying down to 35% black, 35% blue, 20% green, 5% white, 5% red, I seriously wonder what the hell is so green about me. I get the 35% blue and 35% blackóIím a curious and ambitious person, but 20% greenóI donít really get it.

    Iím now working 3 jobs because I will be massively wealthy, whatever it takes to make it.
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