Ground Zero
Conditions: none
Potential: 0/5

Spoiler: Labels

Freak: +1
Danger: +2
Savior: 0
Superior: +1

Spoiler: Moves

In a China Shop: When you directly engage a threat, you can cause significant collateral damage to your environment to choose an additional option, even on a miss.
Physics? What physics: When you unleash your powers to barrel through an insurmountable barrier, roll + Danger instead of + Freak.
-Defender: When you leap to defend your love or rival in battle, roll + Danger instead of + Savior to defend them.

Back at the River Market, as everything begins to happen, Ground Zero takes to the sky, looking for the hostages Hikari mentioned. Not a particularly difficult thing to find as Sunburst had created a giant ring around it. He flies towards it, coming in over the open.
"Relax guys," he tells the hostages with a smile, "the heroes are here. Now if you'll just hold on tight, we'll have you out of here in no time."
With that said, he places his hands on the boat's hull, putting it under the control of his tactile telekinesis. He goes to lift it out of the water, but boat is heavy just by itself, now full of people, that weight had increased significantly, and lifting it would be no easy feat.
"Come on, you got this. You got this!" he quietly says to himself as he drops concentration on the barrier meant to protect him, and focuses everything he has on lifting both the boat and himself. And it Works! The boat rises up out of the water and over Sunburst's barrier as he starts to fly it away from the danger.
"Thanks for keeping them safe Sunburst!" he calls out over the com channel, "But I've got them from here."

Spoiler: OOC
Rolled 9 for Unleash Your Powers in the form of being able to lift and fly the boat out.
Went with unstable, as to do this, he had to make himself, the only thing keeping the boat in the air, vulnerable to attack in order to pull this off.