Ghost Mount (Al-Qadim)

Ghost Mount is an Acquired Template that can be applied to any Animal normally used as a mount (usually horses or camels). They were brutally mistreated in life, and have returned from death to seek vengeance on the mortals who rode them. They appear as normal mounts but this is an illusion. Their true from is a ghostly, glowing scarred wreck.

"This is a horse."

"It's a dead horse."

"Can it do anything?"

"Only if'n you ride 'im."

"Kinda limits them as a Minion doesn't it?"

Size and Type: Size is Unchanged, Type becomes Undead.

Hit Dice: All current and future Hit Dice become d12's.

Speed: Unchanged.

Armor Class: Natural Armor Bonus to AC increases by +5.

Attacks: Gains a Secondary Bite attack.

Damage: Bite does 1d6 plus Str Modifier.

Special Attacks: Retains all Special Attacks of the Base Creature, plus gains the following:

Take Them For A Ride (Su): When a potential victim mounts a Ghost Mount it must make a Willpower Save (Save DC is 10 plus 1/2 Hit Dice plus Charisma Modifier with a +4 Racial BBonus). If the rider fails the Mount takes off in a random direction before throwing the would be master after 75 miles. If the rider leaps from the horse he takes 3d6 falling damage and is Stunned 1 round (he takes the same effects from being thrown). If the rider succeeds the Ghost Mount obeys him, but the rider must make another Willpower Save at some point during his ride (usually half way to where ever he is going). Failure means the rider gains the Wraith template (See Dragon Magazine 300). If the rider succeeds the second time the horse will obey him, but flee when they arrive at their destination.

Special Qualities: Retains all Special Qualities of the Base Creature, plus gains the following:

Immune to Cold Damage

Phantom Movement (Su): Ghost Mounts can move over any terrain, taking no movement penalties of any kind.

Illusion of Normality (Su): A Ghost Mounts appearance as a normal animal is due to powerful illusion. Characters making a Willpower Save (Save DC is 10 plus 12 HD plus Charisma Modifier with a +4 Racial Bonus) to see it as it truly is.

Saves: Recalculate Saving Throws due to Type Change.

Abilities: +2 Str, +2 Dex, +4 Int, +4 Wis, +4 Cha. Con resets to -.

Skills: Recalculate skills due to Int increase.

Feats: Unchanged.

Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary

Challenge Rating: +1

Treasure: None.

Alignment: Always Neutral Evil.

Advancement: Unchanged.

Level Adjustment: ---