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    Default Re: DM & Players required for a Custom Tristalt PF.5 game in an Overlord-esque world

    Alnia.net Social notification: Thorne has logged in!

    Guild: Hey everyone! I got most of my theorycrafting done before the patch, I've got just a few details to wrap up. I should be good to go if anyone needs a hand with a quest or something but I want to get everything wrapped up in time to practice with it before raid night so just Whisper if you need a hand with anything!

    Alnia.net Social notification: Thorne has set their status to: Busy

    Spoiler: Stat Block
    Thorne - Tanner Denray
    Male NG Human Eclipse, Incanter, Sage, Tempestarri, Trinity Knight, Trinity Angel, Level 20, Init 7, HP / , Speed
    AC 46, Touch 36, Flat-footed 39, CMD 55, Fort 23, Ref 24, Will 31, CMB +19, Base Attack Bonus 18
    (+10 Armor, +7 Dex, +19 Misc)
    Abilities Str 13, Dex 24, Con 22, Int 22, Wis 38, Cha 22
    Condition None
    Spoiler: Background
    Tanner has always had a gift for code. Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder may have left the rest of his life a shambles but it left him very well suited to writing code. People were difficult, unpredictable and messy. Computers though, they made sense and they didn't get annoyed if you checked the same thing 14 times. Tanner was involved in writing the code for the innovative Proxy Alternate Reality hardware that Dragons of Alnia was written to run on. He had access to the game from Alpha testing onward to ensure proper integration of the game software with the Proxy AR hardware. While the game will run on any compatible VR hardware, Proxy AR and Dragons of Alnia were working closely to provide a streamlined, optimized plug and play Alternate Reality experience.

    At first Tanner simply dropped into the nascent world and tested various features to ensure proper functionality. Over time he came to a realization, while he was in this world he didn't care how many times he latched the door (14). It didn't matter if the dishes were stacked in ascending alphabetical order (a a a b c d e e h i l l o p r r t) and sorted by color (Also Alphabetically. Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Violet). 'This isn't me, this isn't real.' He found that he could just interact with the world and not worry about the details.noun. plural noun: details. 1. an individual feature, fact, or item.

    That turning point saw Tanner register a personal Beta account and begin anew as a player. He found a world that he could interact with normally without constant fear of panic attacks. The tics were quiet, he could simply be. And it was glorious. Outside of time spent working Tanner immersed himself in the growing world and reveled in time spent simply interacting with others in a normal fashion.

    When the Eclipse class track was introduced tanner took Thorne through the entire track and found an issue with the Darklord capstone. While the power was intended to enable a variety of special senses the UI began displaying the code of certain aspects of the world directly to the user in the manner made popular by The Matrix. As the Dragons of Alnia devs worked hard to correct this issue the player base voiced their love for the visual. The direction of the bug fix changed and the bug became a feature. The issue allowing the viewing of the actual code was fixed and players were instead shown the runes and patterns of the digital reality of the world when utilizing the senses granted by the Darklord capstone ability.

    As part of the patch fixing the issue, the Capstone Quest Chain was introduced. All capstones in the game were deactivated which allowed all the old abilities to be shut off and replaced with the new code. Players now needed to complete a detailed, involved quest chain built by the AI and incorporating past choices made throughout the character's career. The finale of the Capstone Quest Chain was closely tailored to the combination of classes each player had chosen. For those who had the option to ignore the ravages of age the story included an option wherein the character was trapped in an alternate timeline and forced to live an entire life there, providing access to the increased mental acuity and wisdom earned through living a full and active life.

    For Thorne this provided him the opportunity to view the runes and magics the AI used to build reality from multiple perspectives. True to expectations the AI was consistent and the runes could be deciphered just as any unfamiliar computer code could be. As his understanding grew, Thorne found that he was able to apply his magics in ways that were not strictly coded by the human programmers by utilizing the runic 'code' the AI had used to write the graphical representation of the Darklord Capstone senses. This allowed him to develop capabilities to do things such as affecting time in relation to characters, change the weather of the world by altering the underlying runes and teleport great distances without need of the Waystones that each city used for such travel. This confirmed a deeper, consistent system in place. At first glance it appears that the AI involved in the game world had evolved beyond the code provided by the Devs and was creating things independently.
    For the Code is Dark
    and full of Terrors
    Spoiler: Description

    Pending, see picture

    Guild: The most recent guild roster I was able to find was able to find was on page 19 of the Guild forums posted by our own wonderful @Scarlet Thirst. I've added my own new information to that table, if there is a more recent one that I missed please send me a /Whisper, ideally with a link so that I can be sure we have the most updated roster table! Thanks guildies!

    Spoiler: Roster
    Player Character Sheet Completion Status
    Drako_Beoulve Astrid Lightbringer WIP
    Anti-Eagle Armand Uncarnate - Submission/Info Post Complete pending lore change and approval...
    Gunhaven The Best Chef in the World, Brottor Burrowfound Transferring from the busted Myth-Weavers Sheet to the Google Sheet.
    samduke Naomi Complete
    Aegis013 Aegis - aka "Sir Smite-a-Lot" Complete
    Lix Lorn Elixia dis gonn take a while
    JNAProductions No name yet WIP
    Warlawk Thorne - Submission Post WIP - Nearly complete
    greenpotato Lord Bison WIP
    Quantumphear Myrsirim Completed, build notes here
    Stevesciguy Zak Firebrand WIP
    Scarlet Thirst Pinaka Kodandam WIP
    redfeline Ninja//investigator//conscript WIP
    Jack_Simth In Progress In Progress
    Epinephrine_Syn Rachel WIP
    Kaouse Dr. Tenma WIP
    MinotaurWarblad Jasper Complete
    Taelas Elazen Crunch done pending tweaks, fluff is WIP
    Suzune Reiun Shiroyama Complete
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