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Thundermarket Food Court==>Thundermarket Shopping center

The car windows are tinted fully black to a degree that probably wouldn't be legal in places with actual laws. But in Skyside these sort of things are likely not too uncommon among the citizenry. If people can't see inside your vehicle they don't know if someone is still inside or if there is anything worth the risk to steal in there.

Either way, it would be impossible to see inside without some kind of special sight.
But likewise he does not notice the unusual people either as she is focusing on the road while as she's making a call to the orcs while she drives. "We're going to the shopping center at these coordinates now, good fellows. I'm already on my way there, so give me a call once you arrived. This will be the last place we hit so just get out once we're done."

Jaahlyn will simply drive there and sit in the car at the parking lot, waiting for the orcs. She is going to disguise herself further while she waits. But there was only so much she could do to mask her unusual appearance.
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Thundermarket Food Court

The orc with the goo in his throat has it cut out, and then- since that worked- they'll do it to the other as well. They're then bundled into a taxi and sent to the Street, where they can get healing and care. There's only eight of them now, bundling into their minivan and following to the shopping centre.

Thundermarket Shopping Centre

The orcs arrive and bundle out of their battered old minivan. It's much slower than Jaahlyn's fancy car, and doesn't have blacked-out windows. That'd require it to have windows that aren't just chickenwire bolted on with heavy staples. They lock it, and trust traps in the door handles and locks to keep it safe. At least keep it safe after the first few corpses.
Thundermarket Food Court

Only a few moments after the orcs left the green goo on the floor get's puled together and the man forms himself back. He steps to the window looking out for the orcs. Then he holds one hand against his ear like he uses a phone. This way he builds up a thelepatic link. Or more specific allows the link to be build.

"Senior?..... Sii. ...Orcs... More then a dozen.......They leave.....Si!" With that the man waits untill the orcs are also out of sight. Then he turns to a window which leads to one of the side allys and jumps down splashing on the ground and reforming after a bit. It's much faster then walking. Then he heads away.

Thundermarket Shopping Centre

If the orcs have been less carefull in hiding their trace, Jaahlyn might notice a movement from the unusual people. If she follows them she will see how they gather around the orcs.