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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergh View Post
    Trying also to help with weather prediction

    Survival 20

    Gather information 21
    Spoiler: Checks
    You are able to predict that the next 48 hours will be hot, dry, and fairly still during the days and cold, dry, and still during the nights.

    You were unable to learn more than you already did while at court before you were seized for your crimes.

    Quote Originally Posted by farothel View Post
    Quick question: do we already know each other from before (as we all come from the court if I read the intro correctly) or not? I don't mind either way, just want to know.
    Up to you guys. You were all grabbed at the court, but whether you were there together or not is your choice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Janwin View Post
    Llwellyn will try as well, since, y'know, Ranger.

    Survival for Weather: 31
    Spoiler: Survival check
    Your instincts tell you that the days will be blistering and nights freezing. You see none of the indications for a sandstorm brewing on the horizon and are fairly sure that there is no danger of on of those in the next few days. However you do find something troubling, it would seem that this land does see infrequent rains, but not of water. You find traces of acid in the arid sands. Any traces of clouds on the horizon should be viewed as danger rather than respite.

    Edit: Just want to make sure everybody is ready to set off? Following the tracks?
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