Conditions: None
Potential: 1/5

Spoiler: Labels
  • Freak: +0
  • Danger: +0
  • Savior: +1
  • Superior: +2
  • Mundane: +0

Spoiler: Moves
  • [X] Been Reading the Files: You’ve learned about the superhuman world through your mentor’s resources. When you first encounter an important superpowered phenomenon (your call), roll + Superior. On a hit, tell the team one important detail you’ve learned from your studies. The GM will tell you what, if anything, seems different from what you remember. On a 10+, ask the GM a follow-up question; they will answer it honestly. On a miss, the situation is well outside your base of knowledge; the GM will tell you why.
  • [X]Be Mindful of Your Surroundings: When you assess the situation before entering into a fight, you may ask one additional question, even on a miss.
  • [X]Venting Frustration: When you directly engage while you are Angry, you can roll + the label your mentor denies (Mundane) and clear Angry.

The panel zooms out over the scene again, framing distantly the Lion and Coyote Knight, before focusing on a close-up of a tense Tsunami’s face. Hazel eyes watch the Lion from afar, brows drawn together in concern. At first, he’s not sure how much of the Prince’s antics were legitimately planned and for show, and how much is Mosi being over eager and potentially in over his (gloriously maned) head. Tsunami almost calls out to check on him, but then hesitates, wondering if that would undermine the Lion’s confidence, or maybe distract him, neither a good thing. They were supposed to trust each other, right? It wasn't his place to micromanage either.

The outlines of the panels are less even and crisp, drawn a touch more erratically while focused on Tsunami, as he struggles to collect himself. Everything is unfolding so quickly; Max grits and grinds his teeth behind his mask, closing his eyes tightly for just a moment as he chides himself more harshly. Keeping up with the action is not normally a problem, but despite his effort to simply will himself into a state of concentration, his reaction time remains sluggish, and his focus lacking.

Get it together!!

At least the others are moving with purpose, and he allows himself to feel a temporary hint of relief when he sees Ground Zero lifting the boat out of the water, and a luminescent barrier cutting off access for any more of the Knight’s cohorts to close the distance and intervene. That must belong to Lanuola. “...Nice, GZ. Good going, Sunburst. Solid teamwork...” Max utters quickly, though it seems simply to be on instinct and genuine, not intentionally echoing Hikari.

It seems that the combination of teamwork and distraction has given the Lion an opportunity to even his own odds as well, and so Max decides to trust his team mate to handle himself for the time being. And trust that Mosi or Hikari will speak up if the Lion needs some extra pack mates immediately on hand. Trust is such a tricky thing.

“I see it too,” he confirms Hikari’s observation. “The hostages were just distraction then. Not sure what they might be looking for in these buildings though... Maybe something was stashed?” It was definitely a lot of risk and effort being put in, so it was worth finding out what it was for. “...I’m going to go ask.” Tsunami decides, slinging the kanabō off of his shoulder as he prepares to definitely not just ask. The linework of the panels begin to steady as Tsunami gains purpose and a target to focus on.

“Moonshadow, gonna put them between us. Welcome to make this a group hug, if you like...” He offers, any ‘joke’ delivered in the same serious tone he uses for anything else. Having watched their pattern for a few moments he’s confident he can land directly behind a pair of the goons and leave them a limited number of escape routes that should work to his favour. Through Tsunami, into the store and essentially trapped, or funneled towards Moonshadow. “Or use the distraction as you like...” The speech bubble extends across two panels, the first showing Max with one foot already stepping off of the roof top, and the second panel merely showing the space empty where he’d previously stood, only a trail of steam suggesting his trajectory.

The next page is split, a wide shot of the street showing the goons scurrying across and towards the next storefront in their pattern. The next panel shows the exact same frame, but the goons are standing up bolt straight in surprise, the rest of the street behind them obscured in a sudden bloom of steam, emanating from the point of impact. Tsunami stands slightly bent, rising up from his landing. The panels zoom in on the trio, Tsunami now standing fully and stepping forward out of the mist. With the kanabō held in one hand only in a deceptively lazy manner, his pose is one that would almost seem casual if not for the obscene size of the weapon.

“...Can I help you find something?” He offers, the sarcasm lost a touch in the coldness of his tone.

Spoiler: Service with a Snarl
Rolled an 8 to Provoke the goons and try and intimidate something out of them. Allowing Raz to choose the result!