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Just a simple question, a bit curious, but why is Saelihn using a shortbow when elves are known to train with longbow and are quite proficient with it (that's what they are recognizable by usual suspects :)?
Because Saelihn is a character who has to sneak around, and doing that with a bow as long as yourself is quite difficult. Also firing longbows from horseback (or camelback) is quite tricky. the only reason I went with longsword instead of rapier is that I don't have the combat finesse feat and then the longsword is the more logical choice (also, rapiers and longswords are about the same size, so there the size issue didn't play). The d8 instead of d6 is not that big a difference, especially since I intend to add a lot of d6's from sneak attacks.
It can also throw people off into thinking because she never uses a longbow, that she can't if she wants to (and finds a bow somewhere).

I see that most went with not know each other. I'll write something to introduce myself soon.