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    Conditions: None
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    Moonshadow is almost used to her teammates, and is thus almost not surprised at the elegant curve transcribed by the Lion as he arcs across the river and into the center of the battlefield. As a result, she almost retains her poise, and only briefly stares open-mouthed at the spectacle. Shaking herself after a moment, Cindy slinks across the street as the mooks scramble into action. Focusing on her own task, she keeps moving despite the sudden burst of coloured lights up ahead and the outbreak of chatter in her earbud.

    Then panels compress into jagged shards as Moonshadow flits from market stall to stall, interspaced with scenes from her team-mate's positions. Closing in on the mysterious figure in the window, Cindy raises one hand to push her earbud further in as she hears her name called.

    "I'm always down for a group hug, but I'll have to skip this time. Somebody's trying to snoop on us, so I reckon I ought to do something about that. Anyway, pretty sure you can handle it yourself, uso."

    The next panel shows Moonshadow pressing herself into an alcove, directly beneath the window and the shadow lurking behind the glass. One hand slides up to the necklace around her neck, extracting a set of thin metal plates. Sticking her tongue out just slightly, Cindy bends down and slides a lock pick into the blue-green door, working it back and forth with determined concentration.

    Spoiler: OOC
    I think an unleash is probably called for, so as to sneak up on the mysterious figure without attracting undue attention to herself. Let me know if there's something else you'd prefer:

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