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    Default Axiomite Playable Race and Paladin Archetype [PEACH]

    So, I started to throw this together, since I always liked the Axiomite race and wanted to play one at some point. The progression is based on a method I devised drawing from Variant Multiclassing. Each race starts at tier 0, then at 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter until it hits it maximum, it increases the tier by 1. You give up the feats at those levels as per VMC. I made an earlier version of this concept before too

    Spoiler: Axiomite (Tier 4)
    Tier 0

    Medium Outsider (Extraplanar, Lawful)
    Speed - 30 ft
    Ability Score Bonuses +2 Str, +2 Int - Axiomites are powerful and calculating in both body and mind.
    Senses - Darkvision 60 ft
    Defenses - Resist Cold 5, Electricity 5, Fire 5
    Skill Bonus +2 to any 2 craft skills
    Font of Order - Regardless of actual alignments, if able to craft magic items, the Axiomite counts as having access to all spells in the Cleric's Law Domain that a Cleric whose caster level is equal to his character level could create for purposes of crafting DC's.
    Starting Language - Common and either Infernal or Celestial. Also gains languages equal to Int modifier at level 1, which include all languages save those that are secret (like Druidic).

    Tier 1

    +2 Int, +4 on saves vs disease, Natural Armor 1

    Tier 2

    +2 Str, increase Craft skill Bonuses to +4 each, Natural Armor 2

    Tier 3

    +2 Wis, Crystalline Dust form (at will - Incorporeal, Fly 30 ft (Average)), Fly is a class skill

    Tier 4

    Immune to disease, Cold/Electricity/Fire resistances increase to 10, Flight maneuverability increases to good, DR 5/Chaos

    Spoiler: Paladin Archetype
    Godforged (Paladin (Axiomite))

    Altered Code of Conduct - Being agents of Order, the Godforged cannot allow himself to have any moral bias and must retain a Lawful Nuetral alignment. This alters a paladin's normal code of conduct.

    Focus over Form - The Godforged gain power not through force of personality, but rather a greater understanding of Cosmic Order. Any paladin abilities that rely on Charisma as well as any spell casting from this class rely on Intelligence rather than Charisma.

    Mantle of Order - At 1st level, rather than focusing their wrath on evil or undead creatures, the Godforged are armed to deal with dissonance and entropy. As a result, they acquire an Aura of Chaos, Detect Chaos, and Smite Chaos. This replaces Aura of Good, Detect Evil, and Smite Evil respectively. These abilities function as their alternates in all other ways as their original versions (save for Focus over Form). Finally, any instance which targets good/evil functions for/against law/chaos instead.

    Balance the Scales - At 2nd level, the Godforged's form loses any natural weaknesses. All of their saves equal the good save progression and each gains a +1 at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter. This replaces Divine Grace.

    Inviolate Aura - At 2nd level, the Godforged becomes immune to harmful polymorph effects and allies within 10 ft gain a +4 moral bonus on saves vs such effects.

    Pattern Restoration - At 2nd level, Rather than channeling positive or negative energy, the Godforged targets the metaphysical form of the individual. This works as Lay on Hands except that it may be used to heal both living and undead as well as repair damage to an object or constructs. Against Chaotic Outsiders, it damages them instead. This technique requires focus and the Godforged does not gain the ability to channel energy. This alters Lay on Hands and replaces Channel Energy.

    Spellcasting - At 4th level, the Godforged gain Spellcasting as a normal paladin. However, they may not cast spells with the good descriptor or those that explicitly target good/evil alignment. This alters Spellcasting.

    Order's Panoply - At 5th level, the Godforged must select a weapon to bond to as per the normal paladin's divine bond. The Godforged may not select the holy ability or those that specifically target good/evil alignment.

    This bond differs from the normal bonded weapon in that it is drawn directly from the Godforged's body, appearing as if the crystalline equations of the Axiomite's body coalesce into the shape of said weapon. This weapon can be of any type the Godforged is proficient with, but once chosen, it cannot be changed. If dropped or another character tries to wield it, it disperses into the equations again that surround the Axiomite. If sundered, the Godforged must perform a similar ritual as a normal paladin does for attuning a new weapon. Calling the weapon forth is the same action as drawing a weapon normally (and can benefit from feats such as Quick Draw). This alters Divine Bond.

    Resonant Aura - At 17th level, the Godforged gains SR 6 + class level and allies within 10 ft gain +4 to saves vs spells and Spell-like abilities. This replaces Aura of Righteousness.

    Lord of Order - At 20th level, the Godforged becomes an unrivaled agent of law. His SR increases to 11+ class level. Whenever he uses Smite Chaos and successfully strikes a chaotic outsider, it is subject to Banishment using the class level as caster level (the bonded weapon counts as an object the target hates). After the Damage and Banishment are resolved, the Smite immediately ends. Finally, when using Pattern Restoration, the target is healed for the maximum possible amount.
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