The panels work side by side, showing Miho and her guest alongside the fight taking place at the River District. Both unfolding in real time. Data images flash by with Coyote forming the relative nexus of information even as the panels show the fight between herself and The Lion.

Coyote’s been a criminal element in the city for a year at least, a former member of The Worst Generation and one of the instigators for both the fight at the Monsoon, the subsequent robbery of artifacts from The Weather Report, the revival of The Black Emperor and the death of Sun Wukong and the final confrontation with The Storm King in Karakuri Town. Details on her ability stealing powers are also highlighted, the thief theme seemingly everywhere.

She’s gotten around. Her crew are new, relatively speaking, only having gathered in the last few months for some substantially big job. This must be it.

All of this would be good information to give to the team as the Lion and Coyote square up. Sadly Miho is occupied though the same can't be said for Coyote. Even disarmed, sent sprawling, the villain keeps their composure enough to make landing in a fruit cart seem graceful, planned.

Coyote stands slowly from her momentarily off balance position, the rest of the goons still standing taking a step back from The Lion even as the shimmering band of energy incircles the boat...and the boat lifting into the air thanks to Ground Zero. The agile villain, even sans weapon, stands her ground.

“Not bad...not bad. I must have some luck with you animal themed family men...just my luck. You’ve got us good though. You and your pal over there.”

A slender finger motions to GZ as he makes to move off.

“Thing is, this isn’t my first rodeo with your sort. You wanna-be heroes, sticking their nose into business that doesn’t concern you. We gave you the choice to walk away, you meddle anyway. That doesn’t make you a threat. It makes you a nuisance. You’re not heroes, you or your laser light show friend wherever they are. You’re just kids playing pretend, even you, your highness. Doesn’t matter though. We came here knowing what was on the line. If we go down, you’re coming with us. Take the shot, make’em pay.”

The last bit is obviously meant for someone other than you, Lion, as the panels shift suddenly to Moonshadow and the storefront she’s trying to break into before panning up to one of its windows where a lance of energy screams out before striking Ground Zero in the side hard, the sfx on the page alongside the snap of Moonshadow’s lockpick as the old steel lock stands resilient. Whoever’s up above will have to find another way out...but that way in is out as well.

The panels then move only a storefront down to where Tsunami has landed, surprising several of Coyote’s goons as they work to overturn pretty much everything in the store. “You saw her run in here…” one says, unaware of the looming threat, the other only nodding. “Right when Coyote started shouting at us to get her. She’s quick but we have other people posted on the back do...ahhh!”

Both shriek as Tsunami speaks, fumbling for their weapons while trying to keep some distance between you and them.

The panels again move to Hikari, her vantage showing the general overview of Murphay’s Law in action. Even with good planning and team coordination, if the enemy has a plan chances are you’re going to lose out in the initial scuffle. What do you do Hikari?

The panels at last return to Ronin who, having suited up, is greeted with lime green jello like limbs as her front door opens before she’s tossed into the quiet suburban street. Super fights are rarer as one gets further away from central San Fransapporo, some Wards downright peaceful. That isn’t happening today however as the Biolater cackles madly from the sidelines. “Make her pay, my precious paramecium!! She knows what we’ve come for, don’t let her slink away without our just rewards!”

The D lister isn’t known for his solid grasp on sanity but there has to be some reason he’s come all this way for you. What is it? What history do you have with a fairly low rung bottom feeder?

Spoiler: The Lion
You didn’t take “Resist their Blows” so mark a Condition of your choice. She is also telling you how the world works. You can reject her Influence or shift your danger down and your mundane up.

Spoiler: Sunburst
She’s telling you how the world works, reject her influence or shift your danger down and your mundane up.

Spoiler: GZ
Roll to take a Powerful Blow. The roll will determine if you manage to hold on to the boat or not.

Spoiler: Tsunami
They err. Gain +1 forward against them/