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    Ground Zero
    Conditions: none
    Potential: 1/5

    Spoiler: Labels

    Freak: +1
    Danger: +2
    Savior: 0
    Superior: +1

    Spoiler: Moves

    In a China Shop: When you directly engage a threat, you can cause significant collateral damage to your environment to choose an additional option, even on a miss.
    Physics? What physics: When you unleash your powers to barrel through an insurmountable barrier, roll + Danger instead of + Freak.
    -Defender: When you leap to defend your love or rival in battle, roll + Danger instead of + Savior to defend them.

    The panel focuses in on the beam of energy, as it screams across from the newly broken window, straight towards Ground Zero. Focused as he is on keeping the boat in the air, he doesn't notice the beam until the last second. His protective barrier slams back into place not a moment before the beam burns into his side.

    "GAAAAAAAAAAH!" Ground Zero cries out in pain, as the panel focuses in on his side where his jacket and shirt have been burnt through, revealing scorched skin beneath. But the pain isn't the worst part of it, as with his attention fractured, both he and the boat start to plummet.

    The screams of the hostages drown out all oher noise as he struggles to recover his focus, pushing past the quickly fading pain and giving everything he has to keeping the speedboat in the air. "COME ON!" he screams at himself as the surface of the river, or more specifically a particularly unfortunate river barge that happened to be underneath them, rushes up to great him.

    And mere inches above impact, he pulls it off! The boat comes to a stop and returns to floating in the air once more, and he allows himself a moment to laugh in relief. With a quick "Sorry!" to the man on the barge he almost crushed, he continues the controlled flight down the river as per Hikari's instructions.

    As the screaming onboard dies down, he speaks into his earpiece, realising in hindsight that he'd been screaming into their ears. "I'm good. I've got everyone, but could someone please explain what the **** just hit me?!"

    Spoiler: OOC
    Rolled Take a Powerful Blow (+conditions) and got a 6.
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