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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XXIX: Sword, Shield, and Spoilers

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    I'm still getting the game, I just hope that we eventually get a national dex either as post-launch DLC or as the 2nd wave of gen 8, the platinum to the diamond/pearl, if you will. If the big N can basically add Windows Movie Maker as free Smash Bros DLC, I'm hoping for something similar with Pokemon.
    According to Serebii.net, Masuda and Ohmori told Famitsu that they have zero plans to add non-native-pokedex pokemon to Sword and Shield as a post-release patch. They promised that such pokemon will have "an active role" in Pokemon Home, which really doesn't mean a whole lot right now but question marks.

    I wish they'd stop saying it's for battle balance, though. They really shouldn't hide behind that point when Noctowl is one of their confirmed picks. Sure, they did well splitting physical and special, splitting physical and special, and introducing Steel/Dark/Fairy Types, but when it comes to individual pokemon, they ain't too hot on this "competitive balance" idea. That said, since we don't know Sword and Shield's list, it could still wind up being 6 or 7 hundred pokemon long, just matters to me how the list is curated and what Pokemon Home does with the ones not included.

    Spoiler: Personal snark that has been rolling around my head lately utilizing new pokemon stuff
    Clearly, the reason why they needed to create Yamper's Ball Fetch ability is because they dropped the ball on making certain "everyone's here" after Smash Ultimate showed off how to do it.
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    "Okay, so I'm going to quick draw and dual wield these one-pound caltrops as improvised weapons..."
    "Oh, hey, look! Blue Eyes Black Lotus!" "Wait what, do you sacrifice a mana to the... Does it like, summon a... What would that card even do!?" "Oh, it's got a four-energy attack. Completely unviable in actual play, so don't worry about it."