Yeah, but I'll counter in that Nintendo also didn't seem to have any plans to add friend-based online multiplayer option to Super Mario Maker 2 (by this i mean on release you can play multiplayer with couch coop and a bunch of randoms online, but you can't invite Jim or Jeannie from a province over that's on your friends list to play coop with you and the excuse given was "something, something leaderboards"), but people raised a stink and they confirmed on treehouse and on twitter later that this feature is going to be added at a later update.

Modern Nintendo at the very least is open to listening to what it's paying fanbase has to say, now whether they'll compromise or not is still in the air.I'll say that just because they didn't plan on it, doesn't mean it's impossible or that plans don't change. Now while this is technically Pokemon Company's decision with Gamefreak helming the project, I wouldn't put it past Nintendo to have a bit of push when it comes to potential updates or features on this console exclusive.

For now all we can do is support them because we want the game to be the very best but also make our voices heard on quality of life and future features we'd like to see. I'm sure that fans playing and discussing the game and changes they'd like to see helped motivate some of the bigger changes, like special/physical split, additional typing to cover general imbalances between types, easier EV training, easier IV passing, reuseable HMs in addition to TMs, etc...

I'm willing to be pessimistically optimistic about it. Yeah it sucks and i'm not going to expect them to do anything about it, and I'm definitely buying the game, but there's probably no harm in making our voices heard, and if enough of the playerbase sounds off on it to where it's not just a loud minority, they might do something.