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So basically, you agree with me.
Yes, but the point is that the issues with the games aren't in the CPU, but in the graphics. That is usually seen as easier to fix (nevermind the <$1000 costs of top of the line graphics cards).

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The name I was trying to think of was Dynamic Volumes, and no, there is no striping involved here because there was already a load of data on one of the 2Tb drives when I added the other one, so had to just set it up as a simple expansion to what was already there. Speed is not an issue for the sort of files I have on those drives. I also have a 4Tb external drive which I use for backups.

(I did try using an external RAID NAS instead of having a separate backup drive, but the actual unit failed within 12 months--it's where I got the 2x2Tb drives from. I find the "internal storage backed up to external USB" to be a far better and more reliable arrangement).
Must be JBOD "just a bunch of drives" instead (unless it took its time building the RAID when you installed it).

I'd be careful to find USB drives that don't include encryption. That way if the enclosure failed (like your NAS) you can still use it. I've heard of USB housings that do such things, and it only helps to include a stupid checkbox on the box which does nothing but make the drive useless if the housing breaks (you have to buy a replacement enclosure from the company).