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I think that's the biggest issue, especially going to /vp and other places. The general argument that "Pokemon is over 4ever" is that they seem to think they know what the full dex is for Galar and we just don't. Not only could it be 600 or more pokemon long (and there's no reason to think it is or isn't at this point), but we don't even know how many of those pokemon are going to be new. At least not from what I've seen. Just like the people complaining about the graphics from a small number of test demos. The battle with Nessa looks pretty slick though I have to wonder...why does it matter how good the overworld looks.

The community is toxic in general.
X pokemon you want cannot be played for Y years until Z game is released.

Going to wait until Pokémon Shotgun or whatever Galar v2 is now, I think. Got burned a bit by s/m and then us/um, and already not that fussed by what I'm hearing. Will watch the Competitive scene, and maybe play a bit of the gen viii meta on showdown, but I've got better things to spend money on now than release gen8.