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Thread: Prestige Class Contest Chat Thread I

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    Previous contest is now closed. Voting results are here First placegoes to PairO-Dice Lost's Akashic Savant, second place to Silva Stormrage's Pact-Bound Knight, and third place to my own Goetic Collectivist. Most Original was the Goetic Collectivist. Most Likely to see Play was The Kool's True Mystic, and Best Use of Theme is the Akashic Savant.

    Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the classes, and everyone who voted.

    The Swing of the Pendulum seems like a popular option, so we'll go with that for the next contest. New contest thread is here.
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    My homebrew:


    ToB disciplines:

    The Narrow Bridge
    The Broken Blade

    Prestige classess:
    Disciple of Karsus -PrC for Karsites.
    The Seekers of Lost Swords and the Preserver of Future Blades Two interelated Tome of Battle Prcs,
    Master of the Hidden Seal - Binder/Divine hybrid
    Knight of the Grave- Necromancy using Gish

    Worthwhile links:

    Age of Warriors