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Spoiler: Response to snark spoiler
I get the joke, but using Smash Ultimate as an example is ammunition for people accepting the lack of national dex. Ultimate nearly killed Sakurai, and there are a lot of people from the top to hourly QA positions whose life become endless hell during crunch. For the health of the industry, and especially the people in it, maybe we need to start accepting smaller but tighter focus. Hell, the original idea for catching them all they couldn't imagine a world where that goes past gen2 numbers, with gold/silver being a grand sequel and finale.
Spoiler: At this point, it's not really a spoiler, but just me getting ranty about something not-pokemon
Yeah, I got a small violin somewhere with Sakurai's name on it, but I dropped it somewhere and the LHC hasn't got back to me on where it's at. Getting shut in an undersized cubicle to focus twelve hour days on a thankless endeavor with short lunches (if any) and no communication to my loved ones for months- even years- until the project's done sounds like paradise to me, maybe he should talk to the game's director about not working on the project anymore if it troubles him so. Yes, crunch is horrible for any industry, no, I have no pity for someone that works triple-A international entertainment and cries about it.

The bottom line is that Ultimate pulled it off and made it a major selling point, where Pokemon didn't and made it a footnote. Either Pokemon's gonna have something else in it that blows me away, or I'm gonna walk away from this thinking that there Pokemon team clearly doesn't work as hard as that Smash team.

That said, I kinda wanna tie this all back earlier to what I said about not knowing everything, and maybe they got something in mind that'll really work out. Like, if they made it so you could battle with pokemon in Pokemon Home? That'd be perfect for my opinion. Like, Pokemon Home battles would be "Unlimited" and then the actual games would be "Standard" battles, whatever those Magic terms mean. You would hypothetically still need to buy/play an actual pokemon game to get the pokemon into Pokemon Home and raise it or breed it whatever, but it also gives you a reason to start up Home more often than once a year to pay your non-automatic subscription fee. Of course, since they aren't announcing anything substantial about Pokemon Home, I'm not holding my breath and am just going to be surprised if they do anything more than be a profile picture.

On the other hand, they could have just made it so bred pokemon only get the origin marking if both of their parents have the same marking. But I guess that would make them too powerful.

I just fear that the best way to get Nintendo's attention to tell them what I want is gonna be to get some sort of meme getting popular on social media. Like, Professor Oak Face on a Striped Background: "It's your bond you share with your pokemon that make you a true champion! ... By the way, you're not allowed to use your pokemon ever again." Or, "Remember when Game Freaks put a hexagon on your pokemon to prevent power creep? Pepperidge Farm remembers." As toxic as the internet is, the message is gonna get mangled in translation and it'll embarrass us all two years down the road, if not sooner. Otherwise, we're stuck filling out surveys that we can only get if we buy and register the game, and I just find that sketchy.