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    Default Re: Pokémon Thread XXIX: Sword, Shield, and Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by OracleofWuffing View Post
    In short, the primary reason stated for not allowing every pokemon to be transferred to Sword and Shield is because there's so many pokemon, and it makes it hard to make certain they're all balanced to the point where they all can shine if they include everyone.

    Fifa, is a video game series about... Hockey, I think? And sportsball games have lots of new players to add as each year comes out, but still have some facade of balance regardless of adding many new people every year, so it would be silly if Fifa didn't include a sportsballer because of balance reasons. It is a metaphor. (Granted, people stop playing sportsball games eventually and leave, but semantics.)
    hoooo boy. Game Freak.....they have a LOT to learn about optimizers. it won't matter if they limit the pokemon available, they will find the new most optimal teams and discard new pokemon that aren't them anyways. all they're doing is making them find different parts to achieve victory, and there is no guarantee that the most optimal pokemon will be the new ones unless its nothing but new ones. sure it might scramble the meta for a couple weeks, a month at most, but they'll just have the same problem all over again in miniature by February 2020. TCG players do it all the time. shine is relative and optimizers are good at finding the differing shades. shifting meta just keeps optimizers on their toes.

    worse: pokemon HAS a TCG, they should KNOW that this doesn't actually work. so either they're ignorant or they're using it as an excuse for something else. and I don't know which one is worse.
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