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I haven't found the discussions like that going on anywhere, honestly. Maybe the occasional anecdote. But I think it would need real, professional research, and it seems like the mental health community is just barely starting (in the last maybe 2 years) to acknowledge that some people can be harmed by therapy at all. The idea of genuine trauma caused by treatment seems to be off the radar.
In terms of scholarly articles there are a fair number after even a cursory google scholar search looking at negative consequences from psychological therapy. How this translates down to individual practitioners probably depends on where they're located and the scrutiny they're under. Large organizations in urban centers (hospitals or the like) probably have more scrutiny that an individual private practice or similar type situation. Therapists at schools/businesses probably have significant less scrutiny as well since psychological therapy there is an ancillary service/benefit rather than a primary one like it is at hospitals or other health care organizations.

Clearly individual bad actors are also a problem as they would be in any profession particularly in cases where its simply one person's word against another's.