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Thread: Redwall Races for Pathfinder

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    Man, it has been ages since I've read those books. This brings back memories. Good to see someone else that enjoys building races in Pathfinder. One thing that I did notice is that Anthropomorphic Creature strikes me as a touch expensive for what it provides. Low light vision (1 RP) and keen senses (pretty much a skill bonus, 2 RP). Granted, this is in line with the vanilla race builder creature types. For the vanilla types, though, I think the extra expense is justified by opening up access to traits that require certain types as a prerequisite. What race traits require Anthropomorphic Creature?

    That aside, these races look good, and could fit into any pathfinder game, Redwall focused or otherwise. I'm wondering, do you plan to make more races? Wildcats, for example?

    I also notice that you've also made several custom race traits to go with the new races. I've made a lot of race traits myself, but I wish I had thought of some of these. Would you mind if I add a few of them to my list of homebrew race traits? You'd be credited of course. I was mainly looking at Good Hearing, Powerful kick, spines, and powerful build. And one inspired by Fear of Snakes, though more of a general 'phobia' weakness trait that causes shaken when facing a certain creature type.