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I think the idea that there was once a Golden Age of sportsmanship is a myth, born of ideals we heard about in our childhood when we were too young to question too closely. To an extent, I think there is a difference in that adults used to play along with the myth, in the same way - and for the same reasons - as they often play along with Santa Claus. But nowadays, with cameras and microphones everywhere, all the time, there's simply nowhere for bad behaviour to hide.
Sportsmanship was never a myth. I don't disagree that bad behaviour has always existed; only to the degree. If you speak to your folks, they will tell you how politeness was more important when they were young. My parents had more respect for authority than I did. This was seen in sports to the same degree. That is why it was acceptable to throw at a hitter who showboated. Your crime was less than his.

You are right, bad behaviour has more ways to be caught today and the need for content spreads it like wildfire. But if Mike Trout doesn't insult anyone, day after day, who would hear/report about it's non-occurence?