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    Default Re: Whatever Happened To Good Sportsmanship And Respect In Games?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet Knight View Post
    Sportsmanship was never a myth. I don't disagree that bad behaviour has always existed; only to the degree. If you speak to your folks, they will tell you how politeness was more important when they were young.
    Practically everyone who ever lived would tell you that, but all they mean is that when they were kids people kept telling them to be polite. Writers have been bemoaning the manners of contemporary youth since Plato's day.

    And I agree with you, that sportsmanship is real. You can see examples every day, if you trouble to look for them.

    What I'm suggesting is that there has not been any great change in it. When I was a kid there was much pearl-clutching over the antics of Jimmy Connors, Ilie Nastase, then John McEnroe. But contemporaries like Bjorn Borg and Ivan Lendl showed there was nothing inevitable about bad behaviour, and today tennis is, if anything, cleaner than it was back then.
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