I found it an interesting examination of the symbiont as a distinct entity. I mean usually Trill episodes are more about the past-lives and the various indiscretions and obligations of Dax's prior hosts, or later how hard it is to manage to form your own identity when your part of a small collective of individuals. Here we have Jadzia violated and soon for death and the Dax symbiont ripped from her and implanted in this stranger who is also her de facto murderer, and while this new Dax has the sense of familiarity from Jadzia and Curzon you also see how the symbiont's quickly willing to rationalize what we'd reasonably assume before it would've found unconscionable in its new host, based mostly on egotism.

Well, sure, some of that's obviously from his new host's perspective, but it does illuminate for me at least that the symbiont prizes its own existence above anything else, with a fluid sense of morality and its own priorities changing. So long as it can be in the world and have an opportunity for greatness, it doesn't seem to care about much else as a sapient organism.