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What race traits require Anthropomorphic Creature?
It would be functionally equivalent to the Monstrous Humanoid Quality in terms of what it unlocks.

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I'm wondering, do you plan to make more races? Wildcats, for example?
I figured that wildcats were close enough to cat-folk that it was probably not necessary to build the race for the sake of having it written up to make a campaign villain, although I might make some tweaks if a player wanted to play one.

If somebody made a request for a specific race I would write it up.

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I also notice that you've also made several custom race traits to go with the new races. I've made a lot of race traits myself, but I wish I had thought of some of these. Would you mind if I add a few of them to my list of homebrew race traits? You'd be credited of course. I was mainly looking at Good Hearing, Powerful kick, spines, and powerful build. And one inspired by Fear of Snakes, though more of a general 'phobia' weakness trait that causes shaken when facing a certain creature type.
Go ahead and use whatever you like.
I cannot take credit for powerful build I found it on the Half-Giant race in Psionics Unleashed, all I did was assign a point value.