Conditions: None
Potential: 3/5

Spoiler: Labels
  • Freak: +0
  • Danger: +1
  • Savior: +1
  • Superior: +1
  • Mundane: +0

Spoiler: Moves
  • [X] I'll Show Them: When you defend someone who doesn’t believe in you, you can always take Influence over them, even on a miss.
  • [X]All The Best Stuff: You’ve compiled access to caches of equipment and weaponry other supers have hidden in the city. When you access a cache, say whose cache it is. If it’s a hero’s, roll + Savior. If it’s a villain’s, roll + Danger. On a hit, you find a tool or intel useful to your situation; the GM will detail. On a 7-9, you leave evidence that you’ve been here. On a miss, you tripped an alarm and they’re coming; prepare to explain yoself.

A close-up panel on Ronin, hands planted and about to push her upright again. A yellow text box shows her thoughts; Thank goodness a villain can’t seem to resist the opportunity to monologue.

Pushing herself to her feet, she marvels anew at being able to move like this again. Yes, she still lacks any sensation below her waist, but the sophisticated electrical induction system built into the lower half of the armour is able to trigger her muscles as needed from their external stimulus, rather than evolution-crafted nerve impulses.

”You really need a new hobby, Doc,” Ronin tells him, warily watching this new ‘wall' format. Although strictly speaking, she isn’t especially concerned about a variant that locks itself into place.

”Tell you what; as a good faith gesture, I’ll help you stress test it,” she informs her foe. Turning the page, the first panel shows a status bar labelled ‘KINETIC LANCE' that’s showing twenty percent; the impact from the paramecium and subsequent slide has charged it that much, at least.

The small over-the-shoulder emitter flips up and locks into place a bare instant before she targets and fires upon the centre of mass of this tarry, organic wall.

Although...20% might not be enough, come to think of it....

Spoiler: crunch
Directly Engage a Threat: Kinetic Lance vs Asphalt Paramecium: 4. Marking yet more potential....