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    Default Re: DM & Players required for a Custom Tristalt PF.5 game in an Overlord-esque world

    Okay, I've got a brand new sheet and a brand new application ready!

    Spoiler: The Character
    Han Dae-Wi, Sage of the East, Master of Kyoshin Karate!

    Spoiler: Appearance
    Han Dae Wi appears as a relatively young adult. He has black hair and a light complexion. His outfit varies, but he often wears a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled back along with a pair of rather loose black dress pants. Rounding out his outfit are his shoes, which may at first glance appear to be dress shoes, but are actually much more comfortable sneakers.

    One notable feature about him are his eyes. His left eye is brown, but his right eye is red with the Greek symbol for "Omega" inscribed in the middle of it's pupil. A scar adorns the area above and below his right eye. Often times, Han Daewi will cover up this eye by wrapping it up with bandages. But when a difficult combat breaks out, his right eye will begin to burn away the bandages that cover it.

    Spoiler: Personality & Alignment
    Han Daewi generally has an incredibly "laid back," personality. He's often slow to anger, and while he gives off an air of laziness and levity, is actually quite the hard worker, who constantly works to hone his skills and martial arts. He believes in helping people, and will do anything he can in order to support his friends. He also generally refrains from killing people weaker than him, but if he's pushed to his limit then he may be too focused on survival to hold back. Han Daewi is Neutral Good. He has a strict morale code that he follows in battle and in life, however, he also follows the philosophy of his friend, Jin Mori: "Do whatever you want." Put in another way, Han Dae Wi refuses to live a life filled with any regrets.

    Spoiler: Backstory
    Fought in the God of Highschool tournament. Lost his best friend (Woo Seung-Tae). Made some new ones (Mori Jin & Yu Mira). Fought against the evil religious organization, Nox, which tried to bring about Ragnarok, the end of the world. Lost his right eye to the head of Nox, the Jade Emperor. Died defending his girlfriend, Yu Mira. Came back to life when Yu Mira made a faustian bargain, erasing her memory of him in the process. Befriended the Jade Emperor, gained the Sage's Eye in replacement, and defended Earth against the Gods who returned to destroy the world on Ragnarok. Took control of Nox and runs it as the Sage of the East, the new Jade Emperor, and envoy of the humanoid races. His girlfriend Yu Mira, after making her Faustian bargain, lost her memory of him and is now his enemy, the Witch of the West. She controls the remnants of the extremists who were driven from Nox, as well as the godly energies of the old Jade Emperor, alongside his divine weaponry. He still holds out hope that he can save her, and restore her memory. But unfortunately, some of the ex-Nox extremists don't really want that to happen, so time will tell whether or not the two shall meet again.

    Spoiler: The Build
    Barbarian (Worldsoul Incarnate + Invulnerable Rager) 20 ||
    Mystic (Aurora Soul) 15 + Animus Adept PrC 5 ||
    Striker 20

    This Tristalt relies entirely on resources that are generated during combat (Vitality, Animus, Tension), and as such, should have no problems maintaining a high level of effectiveness throughout the day (Rage rounds are still somewhat limited in uses per day, though Fueled by Vengeance does help to alleviate this somewhat).

    Spoiler: Support Abilities

    --> In Combat Healing [Spoils of War Stance] (1 per round per ally, 23 HP when each ally makes a successful attack)
    --> Fast Healing 10 [Water Elemental Glyph] (move action to activate for all allies in close range, lasts for 5 rounds = 50 HP for entire team, can activate out of combat 5 times per day)
    --> Solo Target Healing [Salve Forumale, DC 45] (standard action heal nearby target for 9d8+20 HP, can use on any target up to 9 times per day per target)
    --> AoE Healing [Channel Energy] (standard action heal AoE for 10d6 HP, can use 8 times per day)
    --> Condition Removal [Lifeburst Strike Manuever] (grant allies rerolls against conditions that offer a save)
    --> Dispel [Spell Sunder] (beat CMD to suppress an effect on a person place or thing, dispel it entirely if beat CMD by 10 or more)

    --> Elemental Glyphs (Team Wide Buffs to attack, damage, AC, particular saves, etc.; only limited to 5 round duration, one elemental effect at a time)
    --> Obsidian Reflection Stance (untyped bonus to attack and damage, applies to all allies AND enemies in 20 ft range. Can make negative)

    --> Elemental Glyphs (Team Wide True Seeing, Concealment, Freedom of Movement, etc., 5 round duration, one element at a time)
    --> Martial Glyphs + Mass Martial Glyphs (Solo Target/Team Wide Free action teleportation, Haste, Mirror Image, Ghost Touch etc. , same 5 round duration, using mass version requires a full round action)
    --> Constant AoE Death Ward (via Darkskull, comes attached to a constant unhallow, but the constant Death Ward more than makes up for it, IMHO)

    --> Guardian Sphere Challenge (opponents get -5 to attack and save DCs if this character isn't being targeted).
    --> Suppressive Rush (single target gets attacked 7 times as touch attacks for half damage. Enemy can choose to automatically block all damage, but in doing so takes a -12 to attack and damage until they take the total defense action or are no longer targeted for 1 full round).
    --> Obsidian Reflection Stance (untyped penalty to attack and damage, applies to all enemies AND allies in 20 ft range, Can make positive)
    --> Stance of the Sunlight Shield (Can create 10x10 ft Walls of Force as a free action. Can do so as an immediate action too, but doing so redirects any damage or spell effects blocked by the effect to him, regardless of distance).

    Spoiler: Final Notes

    Despite these various abilities, this character should fall within the given statistics. I haven't checked it's damage, but even pushing it I don't think I could get up to 600 DPR. Last I checked, something like 480 DPR was the maximum. Instead, he's more focused on high mobility and high survivability. He should be able to handle 1-2 Balor Lords, but any more than that should definitely overwhelm his defenses (which is partially based on his number of attacks of opportunity). The fact that they can further cripple him by dispelling his items also greatly reduces his effectiveness, though he should still be able to put up a decent fight. If 4 Balors knew what they were doing, it shouldn't be too difficult for them to take him down with action economy so in their favor.

    Spoiler: Applicant Table
    Player Character Sheet Completion Status
    Drako_Beoulve Astrid Lightbringer WIP
    Anti-Eagle Armand Eight-Blades - Submission/Info Post Complete pending the lore update...
    Gunhaven The Best Chef in the World, Brottor Burrowfound Transferring from the busted Myth-Weavers Sheet to the Google Sheet.
    samduke Naomi Complete
    Aegis013 Aegis - aka "Sir Smite-a-Lot" Complete
    Lix Lorn Elixia dis gonn take a while
    JNAProductions No name yet WIP
    Warlawk Thorne - Submission Post WIP - Nearly complete
    greenpotato Lord Bison WIP
    Quantumphear Myrsirim Completed, build notes here
    Stevesciguy Zak Firebrand WIP
    Scarlet Thirst Pinaka Kodandam WIP
    Denomar Lothwen Complete
    redfeline Ninja//investigator//conscript WIP
    Jack_Simth In Progress In Progress
    Epinephrine_Syn Rachel WIP
    Kaouse Han Dae-Wi, Sage of the East Complete w/ build notes here
    MinotaurWarblad Jasper Complete
    Taelas Elazen Crunch done pending tweaks, fluff is WIP
    Suzune Reiun Shiroyama Complete
    Harkness Retzai Stringstrider *
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