Azric Rey-Vandriss, four hundred and eleventh Viceroy of the Undying Sovereign had, upon the advice of the Conclave who likely hoped he wouldn't return, elected to attend personally despite his internal misgivings. Accompanied only by a single advocate he had stepped forth through the light door at the appointed time. Fortunately things were revealed to not be an elaborate trap and so he relaxed and allowed himself to take in his surroundings.

He was attired solely in white and gold, from his gilded white sandals to the gold ribbons braided into his bright red hair. His braids reached halfway down his thighs, thanks to some hair growth tonic he would never admit to having used. He wore long, white pants with an embroidered golden hem and a tailored shirt of the same brilliant fabric. The buttons were of gold and set with shimmering Scaranik crystals but they were overshadowed by a gleaming iridescent sash from which hung an equally iridescent scabbard. The sword within was bound in place by a golden cord out of respect for the occasion, though it was clear that this was just a gesture of politeness. Over the rest of his outfit the Viceroy wore an even more white open robe that brushed along the ground. The edges of the fabric were embroidered with gold and set with yet more Crystals. Around Azric's neck hung several necklaces of Crystals, both smooth and faceted, in all the colours of the rainbow and in his left hand he carried a jewelled staff.

All in all, his attire was ridiculously ostentatious for one who was explicitly not a king. He however didn't seem to mind as he scanned the assembled dignitaries with his deep red eyes. Though he did not for a moment trust anyone here, let alone the Guardian, he was grateful that the game board was once more revealed after millennia of darkness. With a hint of smug satisfaction he noted that none of the strange creatures present were of the coalition responsible for the Fall of Amanyk. It seems that despite everything they were victorious despite the ruination of their world.

It wasn't long however before he noticed one, or more, of the Djinye approach. The map had indicated they were neighbours and so it seemed advisable to be neighbourly at this time.