[Dena and company]

"Please don't, it would make my job ever so much more difficult tonight," says a familiar voice from slightly behind and to the side of them. "I'm distracted enough as it is, and that doesn't count the two pretty ladies in present company."

Electra's smile is warm, beneath the dark blue domino mask. Her hair is still pulled back into an elegant ponytail, but she changed clothes as soon as Lady Arachne's tour concluded, and is now wearing an elegant, dark blue evening gown that's cut daringly low, with a split in the skirt up to her hip. A thick white fur shawl is draped over her shoulders, but it's a bit oddly shaped...and the ends hang as though they're weighted. A small jade bracelet with a jade spider attached is around her left wrist; for those in the know, this is one of the spiders Lady Arachne supplied as ID and comm gear for the MERC members running security tonight. She doesn't seem to be armed, but perhaps her weapons are hidden in her shawl?