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    Default Re: Lady Arachne's Summer Garden Masque - all visitors welcome!

    Quote Originally Posted by FireFox View Post
    Perhaps one of these ladies comes across the woman in the king's mask as she stares in fascination at the mechanical drider. She's trying to figure out how it works and might inadvertently bump into someone waiting in line for a beer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deathkeeper View Post
    Anri would be very hurt to be referred to as an "it" despite her slightly-glowing magitech body. There's no loud moving parts or signs of electrical power. Nor is there any sound of sloshing when she moves despite the amount of liquid her body would have to be carrying to fuel all the taps built into her chassis.

    But if the lady in the mask does not voice her questions, she'll simply be served a drink with a smile.
    Quote Originally Posted by billtodamax View Post

    Isn't she fun? The suited woman will find next to herself the first two women described here. The shorter woman leans in close as she continues, dropping down into a faux whisper that the drider can almost certainly hear. What do you think she is, really? Bit of a strange shape for a golem. The tall woman with her rolls her eyes, reaching out to place a hand on the suited woman's shoulder as she speaks. Don't let her stir you up. I am Saffir, and this is Tanwen Merrick. Both Tanwen and Saffir look to the other woman, the faintest tinge of something in their eyes. Introduce yourself. What's the worst that can happen?

    ((Hey Firefox these two gals are fae and if she gives them her full name, accepts a gift from them, or thanks them, they can bully her in various ways.))

    The brunette in the hawk mask does bump into the woman in the king's mask. Not because she was waiting in line for a beer, but simply passing by herself. Except instead of properly watching where she was going, she was staring at the spider beer golem. Quite a sight, that. Still that leaves her in the awkward position of having bumped into someone.

    "Oh, my sincerest apologies. I was... admiring." It's the nicest way to put it. The woman seems about to extrapolate and reaffirm how bad she felt when two troublemakers show up and introduce themselves. They seem pretty intent on the one she bumped into. Maybe she should slide away now unnoticed?

    "Ah. My name's Haruhi," she says, at least introducing herself as well out of courtesy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morty View Post
    [Dragon and Dove]

    The blonde woman might cross path with a slender man wearing a slim red-and-purple costume and an elaborate mask of a horned dragon. He also has a tail, which doesn't seem to be part of the costume.

    "Splendid party, is it not? The people of the Nexus always know how to organize a celebration."
    [Dragon and Dove]

    "They certainly do. It's a shame there's so many. It makes it difficult to get work done." The blonde woman turns to slender man with a charming smile and an elegant curtsey.

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    Gods, Reinholdt was right, a hundred percent right.
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    Tale as old as thread
    And you find yourself dead
    Reinholdt was the Beast
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    Reinholdt had already told the truth once in that post, and therefore was over his annual quota.