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    Default Re: Yora reviews Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - All of it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cikomyr View Post
    I only seem to hear about these issues from actresses, never actor. Nana Visitor had the same issue, and so did Na'Toth's actress on Babylon 5 (who also happen to play Grilka on DS9).
    John Rhys-Davies Played Gimli and had a similar issue. It’s why he refused to come back for the Hobbit to play Gimli’s father Golin.

    Alan Cunning didn’t return in X3 due to the makeup demands for Nightcrawler.

    The tortured soul Eddie from “You’re pretty face is going to hell” was promoted to full demon for one episode. Then they cut to a “RL” scene where the actor state he’s not going through this makeup procedure again.

    Michael Scholes Had to stand for hours to get the Hobbit feet makeup on. He kept count of every single day of filming that no hobbit feet were in a shot yet he still hand to stand through five hours of foot makeup.
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