I love the flavor and execution of this class. It vaguely reminds me of the old reality-warping nihilurge class for pathfinder I posted here a coupla years ago. Mostly, everything looks very tight and well-balanced, and the spell list is flavorful and appropriate, I think. I might have more notes after a second glance or so, but for now, there's only two things I thought of.

Firstly, it seems to me like it's excessive to tack scaling bonuses onto the haste and slow effects created via the divine lexicon ability. I feel like just having it work as per the spells, without the scaling, would still make that well worth expending a daily use of that ability to get.

The other thing is more personal, but it doesn't sit right with me when a class that isn't aligned with druids or nature in any way can just learn Druidic at 1st level without any obstacle. I always like the secretive nature of Druidic from an rp standpoint, and if I was playing a druid in a party with one of these guys I think I'd feel cheated of some of my class's flavor and mystique. It's obviously not OP or anything, but I would at least limit the ability to learn secret languages until you're a few levels into this class.

Great job overall though. Very dope class!