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I read somewhere that Part One was going to be two blu-ray discs long.
Right, they stated that at Square-Enix's E3 presentation.

Have to say, after all of the E3 stuff for this game, I'm definitely more interested than I was before. The gameplay legitimately looks quite fun, a hell of a lot better than any FF game has to me... possibly ever, actually. Granted I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the series, so that's not a super high bar, but still, I enjoyed the combat in some of them, particularly 1 and 10. But those were just good turn-based combat, whereas this looks like an actually interesting take on an action-RPG combat system that's not quite like any other I can think of.

The story's in a bit of a weird spot where even though I don't know the whole thing since I didn't finish the game the one time I tried to play it, I know a couple of major story elements I didn't get to through seeing other people talk about them over the years, so it's hard to be particularly interested in that - but at the same time I do like what I've seen and hard as far as the characters just talking with each other goes, which can be enough there to help me like a game's writing (see also: the skits in Tales games). And of course it's Square-Enix making a big Final Fantasy game, so visually it looks great, because that's just what they do. And my concerns about them releasing it in multiple parts were mollified by, well, what I quoted above - if the game has that much going on (I don't think I've ever heard of a game requiring more than one blu-ray disk before), it's pretty clear they're expanding it in a big way, not just doling out small pieces for maximum profit. That could turn out poorly if they're just basically padding it, but honestly, I can see the argument for it in this case. I did get the impression when I played 7 that the events of Midgar were supposed to have more of an impact on me than they really did, so perhaps expanding that in a big way could help that part of the game substantially. And there's certainly something to be said about them wanting to make a remake of one of the most famous and popular RPGs of all time something especially epic.

We'll see how things look as the game gets closer to release, but I'm probably more likely to pick this up than I thought I'd be.