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    Conditions: None
    Potential: 1/5

    "Frick!" Cindy manages to avoid swearing as the thin lock-pick twists instead of turning the tumblers, before abruptly pressing herself into the doorway as, about a foot above her head, a beam of sizzling light crackles with the distinctive sound of something that would have reduced her to smoldering ex-Cindy.*

    Glancing over her shoulder, Moonshadow tracks the path of the beam, then winces as a burst of screaming tears tears into her right ear, and the flying boat, in itself somewhat alarming, bounces suddenly. Pressing her earpiece in in, she listens to the sudden burst of radio chatter, before responding hurriedly as she steps out of the doorway, assessing her options.

    "Kai, I've got eyes on whoever's trying to shoot you. I bet they're the one that all these thugs are looking for, too. See what I can do."

    Which is, of course, the question. With the doorway blocked, another route is needed. Cindy glares up at the window overhead, spinning her knife in one hand. While she's done enough pull-ups to be certain that she could get up there, the question was how fast? That, and whether the person on the other side would shoot her as she came over the window-sill. On the other hand, it seemed unlikely that the light-show had gone unnoticed at large, and Cindy had a nasty suspicion that there'd be goons aplenty if she stood around.

    With that cheery thought hanging in her mind, Cindy takes a step back, then launches forward, hooking the edge of her Nifo Ito over the windowsill, while latching on with her other hand. Either, she thinks, she'll spring over the sill with weapon drawn, or she'll end up sliding over the bar and falling flat on her face.**

    'But'll it'll definitely be the first one, 'cause I'm just that cool. Right? Right?

    *At this point some obscene language might have passed her lips, but if you don't tell her parents, that can be our little secret.

    **Any resemblance to her brief flirtation with competitive pole-vaulting in fifth grade is purely coincidental.

    Spoiler: OOC
    I really struggle to write scenes which involve working the scenery, which is why I kept on postponing writing this post. At least I got it out, I suppose.

    Anyway, I feel like there should be a roll here, but I'm not sure what label applies, so Raz can add the appropriate modifiers as necessary:


    And, no matter what happens, that's not going to be a success. Yay, more potential, I suppose...
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