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During Morning Prayer, when I prepare my spells, I swapped out one Fire Wings spell for "Resist Energy, Mass" just in case we get swept up by a sudden acid storm. And after I was done preparing I cast "Primal Hunter" & "Primal Instinct". I had both of those spells prepared for yesterday too but I figured Azrael didn't have to cast them while living in the city. Now that he is back in the desert he decided to ask the Sun for some of his old nomadic powers back.

Also, how hot is the Sun when at peak? Is my Heat Endurance feat enough protection? Ideally I'd try to push the party through the heat as not to lose track of the bandits, but if it's too hot even for me then Azrael would know to not even try.
Good to know.

As the party reaches the pillars, the temperature in direct sunlight is over 110 degrees (severe heat) but your Heat Endurance is enough to protect you. However the air is so dry that in the shade of the pillars the temperature is down below 90, not necessarily comfortable, but much less dangerous.