Conditions: Angry, Insecure
Potential: 4/5

Spoiler: Labels
  • Freak: +0
  • Danger: +0
  • Savior: +1
  • Superior: +1
  • Mundane: +1

Spoiler: Moves
  • [X] I'll Show Them: When you defend someone who doesn’t believe in you, you can always take Influence over them, even on a miss.
  • [X]All The Best Stuff: You’ve compiled access to caches of equipment and weaponry other supers have hidden in the city. When you access a cache, say whose cache it is. If it’s a hero’s, roll + Savior. If it’s a villain’s, roll + Danger. On a hit, you find a tool or intel useful to your situation; the GM will detail. On a 7-9, you leave evidence that you’ve been here. On a miss, you tripped an alarm and they’re coming; prepare to explain yourself.

The following panel is close in on Miho's face, faintly overlaid in places by cerulean information cast by her HUD. A throbbing vein is prominent on her forehead; clearly her scientific rival's words are fanning the flames of anger within her.

Next panel, cut even closer, centring on the throbbing vein. Almost hidden by the now huge-appearing protrusion, a trickle of sweat rolls down along its length. Angry, yes; but it seems some words hit home as well, and she discovers it's a great deal more difficult to stand on one's own two feet and cast defiance in the teeth of adult superiority than one imagines when boasting about it with friends and colleagues.

” can talk all you want,” she blusters, the slightly jagged edges of her speech betraying her uncertainty. ”That doesn't mean you know what you're saying. I'm not a runaway; I'm free of them, clear and legal,” she debates hotly, her anger fuelling her words even as her insecurity shapes them.

Her body language shows her uncertainty; no longer quite so defiant a figure, the Ronin armour seems less a powerful warrior and more a too-smart-for-her-own-good girl's toy. She shakes her head; she's better than this! Everything she has, everything she's accomplished, she's done it on her own, and that makes her mighty!

Her furiously racing brain catches up to what it's been rambling, and an idea strikes her.

”But who am I to argue with you; I'm just a weak kid,” she goes on, throwing his own words back at him in a taunting manner. ”Stop hiding behind your ugly bags of cytoplasm and come pry me out of this tin can with your own, two hands – if you can!” There's a lot of bravado in her words at the moment; she's not feeling as sure as she should be that he can't do just that.

But it doesn't take a genius intellect to realise that she has a far better chance against him alone than she does against him and his array of abominations against nature.

Spoiler: CRUNCH
Mark Condition: Angry. Reject Influence: 6. Mark Condition: Insecure, Move Mundane up, Danger down.
Provoke Biolator into standing his macros down and taking her on with his own two hands: 11