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    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental View Post

    The Symbraum

    "Likewise I shall arrange for the dispatch of emissaries upon my return to Amanyk," he said with a short bow of his head, "They shall travel alongside technicians who will begin preliminary studies of the artifacts in your possession. It will, however, be some time before we can organise a more thorough examination.
    "As for your offer in regards to Sector F8 I can see why no reason that the Conclave should refuse. After all your terms are reasonable and align with our interests. We have no desire for conflict and establishing a process of consultation for future territorial demarcations is more than amenable to us. Conflict is after all contrary to the values and best interests of all civilised peoples."
    Angou's head bowed towards the Viceroy, "Our humble thanks to the masters of Amanyk for their aid and willingness towards cooperation. We shall look forward to a long and prosperous partnership between our peoples."

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    Quote Originally Posted by zabbarot View Post

    The connection was nearly overwhelmed in a wave of excitement. We are sure the Mother would appreciate this. In return we wish to see your world as well. Most Kombich are immobile. They've grown too large, and are too rooted in their communities, but I would like to give future generations the option to travel. Possibly many more with suits like this one. Perhaps we could build an embassy on your world?
    If that was desired by your Mother it would be permitted by our Divisions, Zal answered with a warm fondness for this peculiar creature.

    Zal could sense Jed was still uncertain regarding these Kombuch but for Zal's part he was confident they could prove valuable allies if handled carefully. Their openness and peculiar psychic abilities set them apart from the many other organics who fell more neatly into categories already understood by the Symbraum from their experience on Jahew and Polisto yet they were not some abominable AI made of cold calculus and entirely resistant to Symbraum tactics.

    Quote Originally Posted by kaio999 View Post
    A dozen theories push into the mind of the symbraum each a diagram of how their species might work, how their consciousness melds with their "host" it was incredibly technicolor and vibrant and seemed more a painting of thoughts than anything scientific. In this place the High dreamer did not try and lead this fellow psychic into a private mental space but it was close as it dared in front of the AI. There was also a fear of insulting the callers creation. Which seemed to be manifested in some meloncholy and respect. Inevitably thoughts do manifest once more and a more direct "language" is produced again.

    <we are willing to aid fellow dreamers but only if they abandon dogmas that would impede evolution. Philisophical ideology needs to emenate from the pantheons beliefs we put forth. If this is done, we will aid our fellow dreamers. If not we will focus on aiding dream children in their next steps as is the will and the way to ensure infinity forever spirals. We are happy to help but only if you rid yourself of potential ideas which only slow progress of the true nature of the universe and our destiny in it.>
    Angou and Pip's eyes rolled back as the Symbraum within them became absorbed in the cacophony of psychic energy surrounding them and causing them to fail to continue maintaining the facade of their host's retained ambulatory nature. As it faded both Symbraum radiated a sense of satisfaction tinted with the yearning to know more of these peculiar Kamasati gods.

    It is clear to us your knowledge of the truths of the mind far outstrips our own. I say with confidence the Transcendence Division would be eager to learn what you have discovered in your dreams of the stars beyond the stars.

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