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While we're voting, Talgrun is going to examine the pillars using Magic Insight. Does he detect anything magical?
Sorry, I somehow missed this when it got posted. The pillars are not magical.

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I've modified my post to give an extra argument to wait a bit. People who want can also check out the pillars (I doubt any of my languages will work).
None of your languages apply but your 2 ranks of Decipher Script allow you to identify it as an archaic form of common. You'll need a check, or some magic, to read the runes.

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Sorry for delay, haven't had internet for last 3 days. I vote for resting in the shade for now, and casting detect magic on pillars and read magic for those runes. Along with that, I also cast Mage Armor (lasts 6 hours).
Understandable. Anyways, Detect Magic and Read Magic both come back with nothing. Mage Armor is noted.

IC post this evening depending on if I can remain conscious or not.