First as an inadequate reply to Lissou. Do you guys have any family members who could help out? I dont know how practical that is for you but it sounds like every little bit would help. As for the cat, it might not help but maybe you could delay the testing a small amount and juggle the dates so you only have to pay for one set of tests this month? Or talk to your landlord maybe? It would be harder in larger complexes where he might not know you but at least it might be better if they knows there might be trouble paying on time. I really dont know about this kind of stuff so Im mostly guessing.

As for why I decided to post. I have two things I want to share/seek response on.

First of all. Last night I decided to reach out to a friend from high school who I hadnt communicated with for nearly two years. Note. Im 25. Also she still lives in the area. The reason we lost touch was a combination of me being a jerk, me being needy, my social anxiety, and my tendency to embrace melodramatic self loathing. In short they tended to be busy, an adventure in my own idiocy led to a lot of self chastisement, and I started to think about the twin facts that she had not responded on Facebook for months and I had been messaging her probably every three days. Ultimately I blocked her on Facebook while telling myself I was a toxic presence and I needed to isolate myself. I also deleted almost all my facebook friends. Last night I sent her a message saying it had been a long time. If she doesnt respond I will probably return her to the block list amd retreat into my shell.

The other thing is that their is a gal (I guess, I don't come from somewhere where gal is in common parlance but I dislike using woman and girl to describe people around my age, they either dont feel right or are diminutive) who I think might have a crush on me. Or she is just really cheerful and excited to see everybody. Mostly she just always seems excited when I show up and in our first meeting she actually initiated conversation. I might have been part of a larger xonversation but she asled me something about LotR I think. She is a new employee in the lobby of an animal shelter I volunteer at.