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[Interesting Company]

Holly stops.

She considers the offer.

If Fel shrinks, then that's all normal. The boring option.
If she "comes up", however, then they'd stand out a lot...wait, never mind, that's not a huge concern, her conversation partner already stands out. What sort of method would be used? she wonders. Would it be one that agrees with her, or...? Presumably, everything would work out. This is a masquerade, anyway: nobody ought to be expected to recognize her or seek her out later, so there's no downside there. But, being higher does have its benefits: she'd likely be better able to do her job as security in case something happens.

Having discovered that there is no downside and only benefits, the half-elf agrees. "Okay. I'll 'come up'. May I ask how you were planning on doing that, however?" she asks for clarification, as she turns back towards the taller woman.
Felandria smirks playfully.

Itís a simple matter, really.

Just take my hand and close your eyes.