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    Edit: others are on this already it seems, but
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay R View Post
    In my 2e PHB, there is no category of cleric/thief. Multi-classed gnomes can take any two of fighter, thief, or illusionist. 1e allows it, but only for half-orcs.

    I would be careful to pick a god of thieves or trickery -- Hermes, Loki, Gwydion, Coyote, Garl Glittergold, or some such. Ask your DM what gods exist.

    But also ask if a cleric/thief is available, because it's not listed in my book.

    And don't fall in the with the idea until the DM OKs it.

    I think you looked at your 1e PH, because the 2e PH says "A gnome character can elect to be a fighter, a thief, a cleric, or an illusionist. A gnome can have two classes, but not three: fighter/ thief, illusionist / thief, etc."
    BOTH versions of the 2e PH say that.

    The 1e PH only allowed clerics (as PCs) for humans or part humans (human, half elf, half orc). However, they were NPC's all along, and by "1.5e", the unearthed arcana, every race could be one. UA didn't make the multi-class combos clear (one ought assume EVERYTHING went, but I know many didn't), but dragon magazine did explain, and then later, gave "errata". Sure, check with the DM, always, but if cleric was ok, thief is ok, then cleric/thief almost certainly is too.

    pre UA: dragon 95, dragon 96
    dragon 103 (which I never loved, but allows any race, except hill/mountain dwarf & wild elf be a cleric/thief)

    I loathe the UA/1.5e overall too, but info is info.

    Back to 2e, gnomes are straight from the PH (see above), half orcs, if added back as PC's, are allowed to be C/T (see PO:S&P or complete book of humanoids, or From the Ashes), and monster mythology, legends & lore, and demi-human deities of the realms (among others I'm no doubt forgetting) will all have multi-class cleric/thief options. Even human ones (such as I brought up earlier).
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