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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread: Making monster PCs VI-able

    Gith, Psionic

    A two-for-one update? You've gith to be kidding me!

    Anyway, it's y'alls favorite pale skinny astrals, except now with proper psionics. Both the githyanki and githzerai got +1 LA way back when they got rated in 2017.


    Unsurprisingly, more-or-less on par with their nonpsionic cousins. Stats are quite good, two bonus PP is nice too. Power Resistance does basically the same as Spell Resistance, low-level PLAs are okay, Plane Shift at level 11 is icing. +1 LA once more.


    Low ability adjustments, but good PLAs (including Plane Shift at level 9) and a whole three bonus power points. Probably +1 again, though the better PLAs make me consider assigning +2 instead.
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