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    Iím just reposting what I have in the chat thread with some edits. Edit: Major revamp.

    Rogue Archetype: Tacticon (Tactical Recon)
    As a Tacticon you specialize in transforming your targetís terrain advantage into your own. While scouting you mark locations from which your allies can launch more successful assaults, or lay traps to hinder your foesí response. As you gain experience you will learn to leave targets open for your alliesí attacks, identify what items are of most value to a target, and even master magical arts to spy.

    Scout Familiar

    At 3rd level you learn to cast the Find Familiar spell. Your Familiar can take the form of a cat, rat, spider, crow, owl, or falcon. When you cast the spell using this feature you can replace the normal material components with a living specimen of one of the listed beasts, the creature uses your Stealth checks, and the maximum range to share the creature's senses is 1 mile.

    Tactical Advance

    Beginning at 3rd level you can mark advantageous positions called Vantage Points based on information gathered when scouting. While hidden, you can spend a bonus action to mark a location and place any required materials or direct your familiar to do so using its reaction if it is also hidden. Only those proficient in Thieves' Cant can recognize Vantage Points, though you can teach allies how to recognize your own.

    The value of Vantage Points is time sensitive. As soon as you mark a Vantage Point, an ally has one minute to occupy it and make use of its effect. Once an ally occupies a Vantage Point, its effect must be used before the end of their next turn or be wasted. You can set a number of Vantage Points equal to your Intelligence Bonus. You recover all uses of this ability after completing a short or long rest.
    - List of Vantage Points
    Breathing Room. An ally that enters this space can use a bonus action to spend a Hit Die. They recover hit points as if the die had rolled its maximum result plus their Constitution bonus.
    Deadly Positioning. Attacks made by an ally that occupies this space deal additional damage equal to your Intelligence modifier.
    Power Slide. Allies can leave this space without provoking attacks of opportunity.
    Artful Cover. Allies that enter this square have cover and are lightly obscured until the beginning of their next turn.
    Ambush Point. Allies that attack surprised creatures from this position with melee or ranged weapon attacks deal an additional 2d6 damage.
    It's a Trap. An enemy lured into this space suffers caltrops, triggers a hunter's trap, or a falling net trap. This Vantage Point requires caltrops, hunter's trap, or net.

    Eye for Leverage

    Beginning at 9th level you develop a keen eye for locations and objects of great value when scouting. When you make Perception, Insight, or Investigation checks to recognize items or locations of great value or personal significance, you can add your Intelligence modifier to the roll. If you have these items and use them in negotiations, you may add your Intelligence bonus to any Persuasion or Intimidation rolls made against their owner.

    Prey on the Weak

    Beginning at 13th level, if you hit a creature with advantage, the next attack directed at them before the end of your next turn also has advantage. If the attack isn't made by you, it deals an additional 2d6 damage.

    Strategic Arcana
    Beginning at 17th level your transcendent skill of gaining access to forbidden knowledge and locations has cultivated mastery of several spells. You learn the Scrying, Arcane Eye, and Truesight spells. After casting one of these spells you must complete a short or long rest before casting another.
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