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...Or, in other words, she's now only two feet shorter than Felandria.

Holly looks down and discovers that the ground is now farther away. "Tall," she says. "Maybe a little light-headed." Then, she looks back up at Felandria. "Wait, never mind, I still feel short."

After a beat, the masked half-elf laughs. "So I was actually a little worried that you'd just hold me in the air with my feet dangling down; I read that happening in a book once."

Holly is a little curious to see if it will wear off on its own - transformation-style magic generally works slightly differently than it ought to, takes longer to wear off, and leaves a couple of side effects that she has to take care of on her own later, so she wonders if this should be the same. At least it seems to have worked properly, so that worry's out of the way. All of her clothes still fit, right? She has to double-check and pat herself down just to check.

"So." Back to the important question, the one about dancing: "Do you want to lead, or you want me to?" Just in case, Holly mentally runs through what the right stiffness her arms should be for each part, where hands should go, and so on.
Felandria smiles warmly.

Don't worry, one gets used to it.

You can lead.