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a weird vision she’s not equipped to process of something that happened to another version of her.
Oh, it's this! It's this one.

Like, here are two things:
A) It has been ten years since I have played that game and a tonne of details have faded or been re-interpreted. It's allegorical and symbolic to me as well.
B) I have no desire to explain the whole damn thing to stevje and demand metaphysical conformity. Everything is different; everything she knew is false.

The previous set of experiences are cast as allegorical; the Mystery Play has her recreate the critical events on a symbolic level. I'm not going to, like, bring up the weird subplot where we met the werewolves or anything. It's the same soul, and the questions she'll be faced with are emotionally resonant, but I'm not going to get into the weeds. She grew up in this current world and had a divergent life from the original.

I apologise for being unclear. But still, I'm hoping I can get to a point of legitimate interest and not begrudging acceptance. If I can solve the problem by talking more or compromising things, great! But also you don't need to justify a no if it's still not working