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Thread: [Masks] San Fransapporo: After Dark

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    Conditions: Angry, Insecure
    Potential: 2/5

    Cindy instinctively curls into a ball mid-flight as the room disintegrates around her, arms covering her head as the wall and ceiling splinter into shards. The panels become jagged, stacked on odd angles and distorted into strange shapes, focusing on Moonshadow's face as she weathers the storm, something leaving a bloody cut as it nicks her cheek. She slams into the wall-becoming-floor as Coyote crashes through the room, rolling part way down the staircase and coming to rest with a brutal crunch.

    For a moment the panels focus on her prone body, before cutting a sea of pure black, except for a single thought bubble, rising out of the dark.

    'Girl. Yes, you, girl. Get up! I SAID, get UP!'*

    For a moment it seems as if this command will go unheeded, as Moonshadow lies on her back, eyes closed. But then, as the panel cuts in for a close up, one eye slowly flickers open, and she rolls over, heaving herself upright. Using her Nifo Oti as a support, Cindy rises to her feet, and glares down at the two figures below her. There's blood on her cheek, and a trickle from her nose, which smears across her soot-stained face as she wipes her mouth with one hand. When she spits on the floor, there's a touch of blood in that as well, but the expression on her face is defiant as she raises her weapon.

    "The rest of my team is on the way," Moonshadow states firmly**, "So if you just surrender now, that'll save you some bruises..."

    *The change of font here is, of course, neither symbolic nor sinister

    **Although not without a muttered 'right, guys?' hovering under her breath

    Spoiler: OOC
    Alright, I think that Cindy is going to try and Provoke the villains to throw down their weapons, or at least delay attacking for long enough for her cavalry to arrive.


    Ay, I didn't fail
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