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    Razade, The GM
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    Coyote lays out in a sprawl, somehow having managed to snag Bruja in the resulting chaos as both are now well and fairly down for the count. Both bleed from various cuts, bruising has already started and both lady's masks have been damaged beyond function. Coyote is a plain young woman, no older than most of your team, sunflower yellow hair cropped short with pale gray eyes that focus in on you as you speak. Bruja is unsurprising, looking much like her older cousin with a dark complexion, full lips and chocolate brown eyes. She seems the worse of the two, only a hand reaching out from the rubble that covers her.

    "Oh shut up." Coyote groans as she somehow struggles to her feet, eyes narrowing as she sways. "I'd take the bruises over what we'll get if we fail here. Your friends didn't get it, we're the heroes here. We're trying to save you!"

    She swings an arm about the building, barely keeping balance. "Look what you did! Your team! If we'd got what we needed, everyone would have been fine. But nooooo, you heroes. Stained in light, can't even pretend to keep people safe even when trying to protect them. Moralizing, judging, punishing like you're the only word that matters. You haven't seen what's coming, you'd make the same decisions if you had."

    Her eyes dart up suddenly, the panels cutting to

    Lion, Sunburst, GZ

    Not far outside the ruined building as The Lion finishes up whatever remaining goons and of course...throwing Sunburst into the air. Sunburst goes sailing even as Ground Zero leaps up to catch her, the panels moving to show Moonshadow, Coyote, Bruja all in frame with the flying (willfully or not) heroes coming into focus.

    The panels all merge to bring the group together, the text box above repeating. Things move quickly then, Coyote ducking down to the exposed arm of Bruja before magical energies crackle about her.

    "This isn't over. The Wave rises. We're all dead anyway, we're going early. Sorry, Odette."

    With a sweep of her arm the villain sends a scattering of bats out from the inside of her kimono. You've seen this particular trick before from Bruja Moonshadow but with the roof...and most of the building gone they have a much wider range to effect. That range seems to focus on Ground Zero and your sister, Sunburst. The flock scream into the air, detonating the square as storefronts burst into flames. The spell seems to mostly be destruction for destruction's sake, a wild final blow from a spent villain however two figures are directly in the path of the flailing, furious finale.

    Ground Zero and Sunburst.

    Glowing bats burst about you in a tumult. If Ground Zero hadn't been there to save you, Sunburst, you'd have taken the brunt alone. Luckily you're shielded from the explosions. Ground Zero being that shield.

    Moonshadow, you're in a prime position to put this to a quick end, Coyote is still standing and even though her whole body smokes from the spell there's no telling if she could do it again...or something worse. The same goes for you Lion, with no goons about there's no one left to fight. There's no civilians left and you're exposed. Hoofing it might be the best chance, you're unlikely to weather an attack like that.

    Spoiler: Moonshadow
    You've enraged Coyote. Take Influence over her. She's also using her influence on you. She's saying that you're going in half-cocked, not looking at the situation because if you'd be on her side. Reject her words or lower Savior and raise Superior.

    Spoiler: Ground Zero
    You've exposed yourself to danger. You know what that means. Roll to take a powerful blow.


    The panels slide away from the explosions, the next page a rather abrupt change of scenery. A lone man sits in a large garden, the sky above a pristine azure as sfx of music float about him. One would be excused not recognizing Master Sun as he sits enjoying his tea, the immortal having changed his appearance quite a lot from one age to the next. Gone is the faux-yellow peril image of the Golden Age. The extreme flowing robes and magical scrolls of the Silver Age. Even the Bronze Age's attempt at the hardened street hustler has been replaced by a smart business suit, sunglasses, perfectly maintained goatee and long black hair slicked back in a pony tail. Modern. Crisp.

    The music is cut by crackly text boxes, a news report already given on the first page of Yami no Yojimbo. An attack on the water front. Coyote and her Knights. The tactician listens, scribbling something on a notebook not far from hand as the panels zoom too it.

    The attack will be halted, the attack won't be halted. The Knights will find the artifact and take it to Lightbinger. The Knights won't find it, the person with it will hop a boat and get out of the city. Lightbringer will go in person to the conflict and find the artifact. She won't go. The person with the artifact will die and a civilian will find the artifact, sell it and flee the city.

    More lines are written, many (including man of the above) are stricken out with angry red lines. The next panel shows, as the news report discusses the bat attack, the truth of things. The Coyote and her Knights will storm the plaza. They'll attract the attention of teen heroes. They'll fight and lose, the young woman with the artifact will die but not be alone. The artifact will be recovered by more heroes. The plaza will be destroyed.

    The next line on the page, not crossed out. Lightbringer will arrive.

    The panels cut back to the fight.
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