Added a few new traits. Long step (movement trait), Tracking Venom (Sense trait), and Blood Spray (offensive trait).

Spoiler: New traits
Long step (2 RP)
Prerequisites: None
Benefit: Members of this race may move 10 feet instead of 5 when making a 5 foot step. This movement must be done in a straight line.

Tracking venom (1 RP)
Prerequisites: Toxic
Benefit: In addition to itís harmful effects, the venom of this race includes a molecule that is odorless to other races but extremely noticeable to members of this race. After hitting with an envenomed attack, or otherwise getting the venom into contact with a target (venomous fangs or venomous spit, for example), members of this race can smell the target as if they had the scent ability. This lasts for 24 hours from the point of contact with the venom. This ability still functiones even if the target passed itís fortitude saves to resist the venom. If a race has both Tracking Venom and Scent, this ability instead provides a +4 bonus to any rolls to notice or track the target for 24 hours.

Blood spray (1 RP)
Prerequisites: Organic species
Benefit: Members of this species, when threatened, are able to eject a small volume of their blood and spray it at foes. At race creation, select either 20 foot line or 15 foot cone. 1 + con mod times per day (minimum 1), as a standard action, members of this race may take 1d6 damage, and may make an area attack of the chosen type. Every foe within the area must make a fortitude check, DC 10+level+con mod or be sickened for 1d4 rounds. This DC increases by 1 at level 5, and 1 at every multiple of 5 afterwards. Additionally, at every multiple of five, the damage the user must take also increases by 1d6 Pass or fail, targets of this ability become immune to it for 24 hours after being within its area. Undead and constructs, and any race immune to the sickened status are immune to this ability. If this race also has venomous blood from Toxic, they may choose to expend a use of Toxic to make every creature in the area of this attack also roll a separate DC to resist being poisoned. If this race possesses the Elemental Blood trait, the targets must make a reflex DC or suffer the Elemental Blood damage. (no damage on a successful save.)