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    Liza Mavel: The original pop sensation. Broke out as a teenager and took the charts by storm. Her career took an abrupt halt when she tried to run away with her deeply unethical doctor, Dr. Sun Brackmann. She eventually came to her senses and went back home, but she was pregnant and the resulting media storm threatened to blot out the sun. She tried to raise her daughter properly, for a little while, but there was too much pain and too much ambition. Before long she was back onto the stage, rising higher than ever and fading out into a generic Hollywood fixture. As she got older and saw more of her daughter's increasing self-destruction she started to try to reconnect - gradually at first, but each time she was turned down she became more and more determined.

    She is Judgement.

    Gilda Mavel (maiden name Gilda Radner): A little too large and a little too strong. She was a champion in the high school football leagues but the discipline of the life and the relentless pushing of her parents to excel grated at her. When the opportunity arose she fell, and fell willingly. She found a girlfriend who was no good for her and they began a cycle of smoking, drinking, vandalism and truancy. For her it was an intoxicating mixture of rebellion and love, and with that in your pocket then nothing is safe. Eventually went into martial arts, and then kickboxing, and then stunt doubling for action movies. Wound up marrying her high school girl after several years of on-again, off-again - but marriage didn't change that cycle. However they interact it's always passionate and physical, fighting or kissing.

    She is the Chariot.

    Andrew Worhol: Guitarist and songwriter for the Lost Angels. Fat, friendly, bombastic - somehow both creative and lazy at the same time. Branches out into graffiti and spray paint art. Originally the most counterculture and rebellious of the band, as time went on he became increasingly corporate. Eventually shucked his mortal shell and spiritually ascended to become the Ruin, the Exarch of Fate became a jerk, drove everyone else out of the band, began producing generic music with increasingly elaborate visual design, and eventually ditched the charade and went into film. Extremely rich and powerful and very comfortable with using his influence to petty advantage.

    He is the Emperor.

    Michael Blue: The Bassist of the Lost Angels, defined by constantly degenerating eyesight and return trips to laser eye surgery. Very quiet, solitary, a little creepy - he's totally unreadable and tends to keep to himself. Occasionally the right question gets through to him and you hear some impossibly strange ideas. Became increasingly paranoid in later days, especially after siding with the Ruin and arising to become the Nemesis, the Exarch of Spirit an argument with Worhol drove him out of the band. Nowadays mostly engages in absurdly secured urban exploration - wandering through abandoned buildings after a security team of 30+ people go through the place and lock down every single corner like he's the freaking president.

    He is the Hermit.

    Mr. Mikaul: He's a high end publicist and fixer, but he's also a true believer. Originally commissioned by Liza Mavel to manage her daughter's career, Mr. Mikaul found himself falling for the music of the Lost Angels and became determined to take them all the way to the top. Had a mental breakdown when the band fell apart and nearly died of an anti-anxiety pill overdose. After months in rehab he's become determined to get the band back together, whatever it takes, despite none of the band members having even the slightest interest in doing that.

    He is the Heirophant.


    The temple is a place to crash. In the midst of an inferno that would burn away the world it is the only place still and quiet. It is a place without electric lights, without electric cameras, without electric screaming. The towers of the city shift and crash and pound with music, and the skyline is awash with fire. This is a place that houses a friend who will take a call and provide a couch. When your senses are alight and your world of fire and all places are oneplace and each mind is a diamond and asserting your self against the rushing thunder of certainty that everyone screams at you from all sides.

    How someone would come to care for it? That's... not a real question. It's a natural process. Each person expands to fill the space that they are in, broading themselves to fit the location as the location shrinks to fit within their heart. It's entirely organic. Someone could shuffle the deck at any moment and break that connection, if they had a reason to.
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