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Thread: The Elder Scrolls: Legends Thread

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    Decided to make a TESL thread for any enthusiasts out there! Not sure if it'll get any hits (probably not), but I'm hopeful!

    I still haven't caught up on my collection for the Faction War, so I'm pretty behind the curve. Still using a Ramp/Dragon/Shout deck as my staple, as a lot of the newer decks/playstyles just seem to move a little bit too fast for my liking. Been trying to make the most of a Red-Purple-Blue Item deck, but my refusal to play Aggro seems to be going against me in that endeavor. I'd like to somehow use my Wrothgar's Forge, or that one new multicolored item that costs 8 that has Ward+Drain+4/+4+Whatever else, but it just seems so unrealistic. Anyone got any suggestions for a Faction deck that isn't heavy on action-based control but focuses on the long-game?

    My tag, if anyone's interested, is Sinsaint
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